Ambassador Program

Join our team. Apply today!
We will be selecting individuals who WE feel best represent what our company is all about. Your applications will be reviewed thoroughly, and so will your social media. Our team searching for motivated individuals who have a passion for fitness and who are ready to be part of the best team in the industry. Don't worry if your social media isn't the biggest, as long as you are ready to work hard and grow with us. 
Note: new Ambassadors do not receive free products. Ambassadors earn commission/ clothing based on # of times their unique codes are used on our website. If the only reason you're applying is for free products or money, this program is not for you. 
- Ambassadors will receive 10% commission per sale. 
- If your monthly sales are below $80, you will earn a gift-card for our online store instead of commission. 
- Top 3 Ambassadors (based on sales every month) will receive free clothing AND commission. 
- Every quarter, we will select the top ambassador to become an
official sponsored Athlete and will be able to join us at expos/ receive full benefits. 
Apply and send us your (1) desired discount code (10% off) to post on  your IG bio for you and your followers to use.The more you WORK, the more you GET.