Xena™ Sports Bra - Embossed Camo (Silver)

Stand out while blending in.

The Sports Bra you'll train in, sweat in and perform in. The Xena™ Sports bra is super-soft and sweat wicking. Built with our Nylon Sculpt® fabric, you can be sure of the greatest fit and function. 

Beautiful Design:
Designed to minimize distractions and maximize comfort. The Xena Sports Bra gives you the support you need to stay focused during your workouts.

Sleek Style:
The Xena™ Sports bra allows you to 
perform in total comfort. Features a racer-back design to allow full range of motion while accentuating your hard earned physique.

Nylon Sculpt® Fabric: Increased moisture control and premium 4-way shape retention fabric. Embossed silver camo fabric powered by SilverPoly™ technology moves sweat from your skin to help you stay dry and comfortable during your workouts.

Key Features:
  • NylonSculpt® Fabric 
  • Embossed camo design
  • Bottom elastic band 
  • Moisture wicking/ quick-dry capabilities
  • Custom 4-way stretch camo fabric
  • High quality stitching (Made in the USA)


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